Gympie Koala Action Group news

The Gympie Region Koala Action Group was established to encourage the conservation and protection of Koalas and their habitat in the Gympie region.

The Koala Action Group seeks to ensure the conservation of the vulnerable koala and koala habitat through activities/actions and education that enhances their protection and sustainability and that promote our community’s commitment to the preservation of our precious wildlife for future generations.

Koala Data Survey Form has been developed for recording koala sightings.  The information collected is entered into the Queensland Government’s Wildnet database by trained staff of the MRCCC. Data entered into WildNet provides for security of information, and enables future mapping, research and planning to be undertaken.

All landholders are invited to submit Koala data for entry into Wildnet, and to be involved with the Koala Action Group.

The Koala Action group meets regularly in Gympie.  All interested landholders are welcome to attend.

You can also “like” the Koala Action Group on Facebook

For more information, contact MRCCC on 07 5482 4766 or email Koala


  1. Cr Julie Walker

    I just wanted to make note of a koala in a tree in our golf car park yesterday morning 25th Feb. 2015. at 63 Barsby Road, Imbil.

  2. Why is the block of land off Groundwater Road being cleared Lot2 SP216668 approx 16Ha has Vegetation managment mapping over it(remnant of Concern) and is a known Koala habitat, I will have a guess and say the person that owns it doesn’t give a Rats

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