Are you ready to Find a Frog in February?

Find a Frog in February 2019

Check out for all the information you need to get involved in research that helps planners and researchers understand and protect our frogs.

Follow MRCCC on Facebook for Frog of the Day videos so you can get your eye in – and your ears in too!

Join the Find a Frog in February group on Facebook to connect with other fervent FROGGERS.

Download the Australian Museum’s FrogID app on your smart phone and join the ‘Find a Frog in February-MRCCC’ group – so you are ready to send in your recordings of frog calls.  

If you’re the competitive type of FROGGER you can challenge your FROGGER friends – set up your own group on FrogID and make it a BIG FROGGING FEBRUARY.

Explore the great resources on FrogID that will help you identify the frogs you encounter.

Attend Face-to-face – Frog Workshops with Eva Ford -17th January at Noosa and District Landcare and 1st February at Noosa Parks Association. Others to be announced soon on Facebook.

TEACHERS – get ready to involve your students in meaningful scientific data collection – there are some great teaching resources on the FrogID Website. Set up your own group on FrogID or use the MRCCC data sheets as a class exercise.

Whether you use the data sheets from the MRCCC website or the FrogID app – all data collected throughout the Mary River catchment will go to the Queensland WildNet database for all future research and planning efforts.

The first 100 MRCCC data sheets submitted will be rewarded with a free copy of the Queensland Museum’s “Frogs of South-East Queensland”.

FIND A FROG IN FEBRUARY is supported by the Gympie, Noosa, Sunshine Coast & Fraser Coast councils.