Gerry Cook Cod Hatchery, Cooroy

Mary River Cod Facts Scientific Name: Maccullochella mariensis Common Name: Mary River Cod Status:           EPBC Act (1999): Endangered Distribution: Mary River and tributaries. Habitat: Slow flowing freshwater streams in lowland areas and rocky upland streams.  Favours deep pools, overhanging vegetation, boulders, logs and undercut banks. Description: Large, elongated fish, slightly…

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MRCCC now managing the Gerry Cook Hatchery

The MRCCC has taken over management of the Gerry Cook Hatchery in Collwood Road where the breeding program for the endangered Mary River Cod is now underway for the 2016 season.  A steering group comprising representatives of Noosa Council, Seqwater, Fisheries, the MRCCC and recreational fish stocking groups has been formed…

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Lake Macdonald Catch and Release Bass Fishing Competition

Noosa Biosphere

The Lake Macdonald catch and release bass fishing competition will be held on Sunday 26th June 2016 from 6.30 am until midday, at Mary River Cod Park, Collwood Rd, Cooroy.  The competition coincides with the Noosa Festival of Water, which takes place on the same day at the Noosa Botanic Gardens…

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