Find a Frog in February – Citizen Science in the Mary River Catchment

Find a Frog in February  – Citizen Science in the Mary River Catchment

The Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee (MRCCC) is undertaking an ambitious citizen science project throughout the entire Mary River Catchment in February 2017 with the Find a Frog in February Project.

From Maleny in the south to Hervey Bay and Burrum Heads in the north, Find a Frog aims to encourage people to look closely at frogs in their backyards and their local neighbourhood.  A range of resources has been developed to help frog finders, which are accessible on the MRCCC’s website.

With the knowledge that frog species around the world have declined by more than 30%, it makes sense to get a record of current populations where possible.   Frogs are the ‘canary in the coal mine’ of many of our ecosystems, from rainforests, to wallum and urban areas.

The Mary River catchment is home to some 40+  frog species, including the endangered Giant Barred frog, one of the largest frogs in Australia, and the Cascade Tree Frog, a rainforest stream specialist.  Locating these species particularly and engaging the wider community in general to get out there and really look at their environment are two of the main aims of Find a Frog in February.

Full details of how to be involved are available on the MRCCC’s website or email the MRCCC at for more information.