Timelapse video of Gully erosion control geofabric drop

Watch a timelapse video of MRCCC staff installing a geofabric drop on a badly eroding gully at Tiaro. 

The MRCCC is working with landholders to address gully erosion in areas of the catchment where highly dispersive sodic soils are prevalent.  Gully erosion from the Mary River system has been identified as a significant contributor of sediment impacting upon the Great Sandy Strait and the southern Great Barrier Reef.  As well as rock chute construction and porous check dams, the MRCCC is trialling the use of geofabric, trenched and fastened to the face of the gully head as a cost effective method of controlling gully erosion.  This method is particularly useful on sites with difficult access for machinery and rock.  Initial trials of this technique have been successful with three geofabric drop structures built on a property at Kinbombi.  The first of these was built in 2012 and the site has endured flood flows caused by Cyclone Oswald, Marcia and Debbie with the geofabric structure remaining intact, and more importantly, preventing any further movement of the gully head upstream.  This work will continue, with more geofabric linings to be built on other properties, through the Great Barrier Reef Foundation project.