Mary River & Tributaries Rehabilitation Plan, Dairy Effluent Case Studies, Traveston Dam documents

Mary River and Tributaries Rehabilitation Plan

Appendix 1 – Reach Summary Sheets
Appendix 2 – Literature Review (1.6Mb)
Figure 5.1 Location A3 map
Figure 5.2 Assets A3 map (1.2Mb)
Figure 5.4 Problems – Constraints A3 map (1.6Mb)
Figure 5.5 Reach Prioritisation A4 map
Implementation Edition 2001 (6.5Mb)
Reach Prioritisation Table 5.4

Dairy Effluent Case Studies

MRCCC Case Bryant
MRCCC Case Rozynski
MRCCC Case Stanton

Traveston Crossing Dam

2/12/2009 – Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett rejects Traveston Crossing Dam

Read the MRCCC’s media release here.

* Revised draft Qld Water Commission SEQ Water Strategy Nov 2009. Go to to view or download the document.
* MRCCC Comments on the draft SEQ Water Strategy – July 2008

Mary Basin Water Resource Plan & Traveston Crossing Dam:

* Why the Mary is at risk from low flows
* Open letter to Premier Peter Beattie in response to the Traveston Crossing Dam announcement (Apr ’06)
* Mary Basin WRP – what does it mean for the river? (Aug ’06)
* What’s wrong with Traveston Crossing Dam? (Aug ’06)
* Australian Stream Management Conference Paper (May ’07)

Alternatives to Traveston Crossing Dam:

* Water for the Future paper (2005)
* Solve the Water Crisis (Sept ’06)

Traveston Crossing Dam Submissions:

* MRCCC submission on Traveston Crossing Dam EIS Terms of Reference (Feb ’07)
* MRCCC submission to the Traveston Crossing Dam Senate Inquiry (Jul ’07)
* Traveston Crossing Dam Senate Inquiry Report
* Hydrological Analysis of the Flow and Storage Data Presented in the Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Traveston Crossing Dam
* MRCCC Traveston Dam EIS submission January 2008

Northern Pipeline Interconnector Submissions (Aug 07)

* MRCCC submission for NPI Stage 1 draft EIS (Jul ’07)
* MRCCC submission for NPI Stage 2 draft Terms of Reference (Sept ’07)

Ramsar Secretriat Correspondence:

* Letter to International Ramsar Secretriat (Dec ’06)

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