Find a Frog in February!

Our FROGS need YOU!


Click on the Frog Finder’s Guide for serious instruction business on how to be a Frog Finder.

Here’s your FFF Blank Record Sheet. Remember you will need to save your completed Record Sheet to your PC or laptop, then email it with your photos and/or recordings of frog calls to

Click HERE to view our video on how to be the “Finest, Fantasticist, Flippin’ Frog Finder in this Fair Land”

FACT SHEETS on the threatened frogs of this area

And a list of frog species found with the survey area
Frog resources – Click onto Useful resources list
Totally Wild program on the Giant barred frog in the Mary catchment – click here.
Join the Queensland Frog Society
Nostalgia time – view the Muppets ‘Rainbow Connection’! Click here.

> Click here to see an Ornate burrowing frog calling!

Cascade treefrog


We are grateful to Cathey Osborne for her generous gift of a Celtic frog design modified for the FFF logo, and for the graphic art supplied by Glenbo Craig.

Funding for this program kindly provided by the

Noosa Council, Sunshine Coast Council, Gympie Regional Council and Fraser Coast Regional Council