Mary’s significant trees

Significant Tree Register

When a tree as significant as “Big Bob” (Queensland’s tallest tree, near the head of the catchment) isn’t mentioned in the National Tree Register, it seemed time to start our own.

Launched recently, the Mary Catchment Significant Tree Register seeks your input to recognise and record significant trees in the catchment.

Trees could be significant on account of their size (like Big Bob in the Conondales), or their age (like Linsday Titmarsh’s Magna Carta Tree, a white mangrove near the river mouth carbon-dated at over 800 years old), their rarity, their place in history or cultural ties!

To nominate a tree, we need a picture, a location (GPS if possible), the type of tree, other features like estimated height and girth and reason for it being significant.

Download and fill out the Significant Tree record sheet and send to or inclusion in the register.